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Inside, (2016)

'Inside', 2016

Inside is an eery short, the protagonist wakes up and finds herself inside a room and investigates to figure out why. Inside is a seven-minute short, written by myself and four others, with the help of Sue Everett (BBC script writer). This film is gripping in the use of symbolism and eery soundscape giving the film an uneasy atmosphere. During the process, I worked closely with directors: Samantha Harrie, Emily Aspland and Ben Salavati, and writer Sue Everett. The exposure to a working media-based company and talents already established within film, helped me to recognise my enthusiasm for the industry and gave me a firm grasp of media-production.


7min 21s


Sue Everett

Lois Graham

Megan Telford

Joshua Read

Steffan Lomas

Emelie Westall


Bledar Bogiqi

Lois Graham

Emma Wise

Murray Murray

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