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23 year old Independent Freelancer, Filmmaker & Artist.


'What is Love', 2018 

- is a creative, feel-good and homemade film inspired by the works of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon 'Me, Earl And the Dying Girl' and is a reflection on my own love, love of others, and how we love ourselves. Touching, uplifting and honest. This film was commissioned by a mental-health organisation: SAFA, Barrow-in-Furness. This film has also been used in a local LGBT evening: 'Another Queer Evening' hosted at a film production company - Signal Films. I hope it instills hope and uplifts those who watch. Showing individuals vulnerabilities and hardships on ourselves, and in comparison, our love for each-other.

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'Inside', 2016

Inside is a seven-minute short, written by myself and four others, with the help of Sue Everett (BBC script writer). This film is gripping in the use of symbolism and eery soundscape giving the film an uneasy atmosphere. During the process, I worked closely with directors: Samantha Harrie, Emily Aspland and Ben Salavati, and writer Sue Everett. The exposure to a working media-based company and talents already established within film, helped me to recognise my enthusiasm for the industry and gave me a firm grasp of media-production


'Blossom', 2021 

Blossom is a short experimental film about a beautiful dream like fantasy of young boy who dreams about a beautiful girl he's seen before. Highlighting the beauty of black skin and experimenting with music, the emotion it induces and manifesting a feel through visuals. This film was directed by Safia Touray, filmed and edited by myself. The animation is my own work: in the 70's style vintage, retro style. The BlackKklansman, Spike Lee, is a big influence on this this film. Find out more here >


'In the Moment', 2021 

In the Moment is a short film about a crumbled toxic relationship, looking at the girls perspective on life from this unfortunate breakup. I was production designer for this shoot. Student film. Directed by Lewis Robertson, Edited by Tom Abbott and Paula Rodriguez, Cinematography by Marco Piccini. Film poster designed by me.

Find out more here >

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'The Veteran', 2021 

The Veteran is a short film about an old veteran who's grandson is concerned for his mental wellbeing. Directed by Dawid Stachowski, DOP - Marco Piccini, Production designer - Lois Elizabeth Graham. Watch the teaser trailer here.

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